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My name is Dani. A laid back, genderqueer 20 year old. Preferred pronouns: they/them/their. Future biologist hoping to make the world a little better. Enjoy the blog and don't be afraid to drop an ask if you have any questions. BABS For Life.


when cis people repeat your name constantly to avoid using your pronouns


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Friendly reminder to check your breasts while you’re just sitting there scrolling the internet, then reblog so your followers do the same. Two people I know were just diagnosed within the same week.

these are the things that need spread. not fucking ribbons and the words “breast cancer awareness.” we know it exists. just knowing it exists isn’t going to help much.

for everyone who has breasts or is rather busty in the chest area (because men can get it too and not everyone who has breasts is a woman)

This is super important!


"i don’t support feminism because i don’t hate men"